Organic Chemistry Laboratory I   [Archived Catalog]
Northwest Vista College Schedule/Catalog 2013-2014

CHEM 2223 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory I

Prerequisites: (CHEM 1412  or CHEM 1112 ) and CHEM 2323  or concurrent enrollment; all with a grade of "C" or better

Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite (Fall 2013): ENGL 0301 
Reading Basic Skills Prerequisite (Fall 2013): READ 0303 
Integrated Reading & Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite (Spring 2014): INRW 0420 
Math Basic Skills Prerequisite (Fall 2013): MATH 0303 
Math Basic Skills Prerequisite (Spring 2014) MATH 0320 
This course is designed as a companion to CHEM 2323 . The course provides an introduction to organic laboratory techniques and chemical preparations. Students are instructed in separation and purification, chromatography, and organic reactions. May include the use of infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography.

Semester Hours: (2-1-3)

CIP: 40.0504.52 03

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