Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis   [Archived Catalog]
Northwest Vista College Schedule/Catalog 2013-2014

ENGR 2307 - Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis

Prerequisites: PHYS 2426  with a grade of C or better.

Corequisites: ENGR 2107 

Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite (Fall 2013): ENGL 0301 
Reading Basic Skills Prerequisite (Fall 2013): READ 0303 
Integrated Reading & Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite (Spring 2014): INRW 0420 
Basic concepts of electrical engineering using calculus; the fundamentals of electrical and electronic components and circuits, circuit analysis, network principles, motors, and steady-state and transient responses; application of Laplace transforms; and use of computational software to solve network problems; application of the principles to the solution of electrical engineering problems; relationship between basic principles and advanced applications.

Semester Hours: (3-3-0)

CIP: 14.1001.52 10

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